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Our Brandsafe program is designed to reinforce our focus on the protection of our clients reputation.
Debt collection at times is difficult. Debtors can be stressed about their capacity to meet commitments or about an unresolved complaint or dispute. At times they can be aggressive or emotional when dealing with creditors or their representatives when seeking payment or trying to resolve issues to achieve settlement. 
The debt collection and credit management process is highly regulated for creditors and their licensed collectors, more so if your industry has specific legislation and codes of practice, regulator involvement, complaint mechanisms and external dispute resolution schemes.
In this highly charged environment clients need to ensure their interests and reputation is protected by using a collector that is not only effective in collecting money, but professional, ethical and knowledgable in its dealings with debtors, their representatives, regulators and other stakeholders in the credit system. 
The Brandsafe program includes maintenance of quality systems, licensing, security, insurances, compliance policies and procedures, training regime and commitment to involvement in the professional development of the collection and receivables industry.  
Through the Brandsafe program a client focus can be incorporated into our service arrangements should they have a specific need regarding risk associated with areas such as training, quality, regulation, compliance, professional indemnity or audit regime.

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