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Compliance & Complaints
Compliance & Complaints
We take legal and contractual compliance seriously. 
Our operations are focused on ensuring we understand and operate within the requirements of legislation, industry guides and contractual obligations with our clients.
Legislation & Regulators
For Australian operations, there is wide legislative coverage that governs the conduct of licensed debt collectors.
With the exception of the ACT, all States and Territories have licence and regulatory regimes for debt collectors. Regulators are either the State Police or relevant Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading departments.
The Federal Privacy Act governs the collection, use, storage and disclosure of credit and personal information for collectors and our clients. Additionally State and Territory Privacy legislation has coverage when handling personal information for this area of government. The primary regulator for privacy is the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
The ASIC Act and Trade Practices Act has coverage for most financial service and non-financial service debt collection practices respectively. The predominant focus relates to conduct that may be unconscionable, misleading or harassing and coercive. ASIC and the ACCC are the regulators.
State and Territory Fair trading legislation may also have coverage regarding debt collection process and practices. 
We understand certain types of credit transactions or industries may have specific legislation or codes relating to debt collection and debt purchase process and practices.  
ASIC and ACCC have published joint guidelines for creditors/collectors and debtors regarding appropriate debt collection practices. 
Consumer Affairs Victoria have also published a guideline regarding consumer debt collection practices.
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner publishes a range of material that may be relevant to credit and debt collection activity inlcuding guidelines, fact and information sheets, advice summaries, case notes and determinations.
Client contractual compliance
In addition to legal compliance with legislation, our clients may require that our service agreements include specific reference to collection process, authorities and dispute resolution.
Dispute Resolution
We are committed to providing an effective complaint and disputes system and to ensure that complaints are resolved in a fair, equitable, timely and professional manner.
We acknowledge your right to complain or make comment on our performance and we actively encourage you to provide feedback on our service standards, processes, systems and employees.

We have a written complaints policy and an established complaints handling process that is designed to comply with the Australian Standard AS ISO10002 -06, a copy of our complaint handling policy summary is available here, a full copy of our policy is available by contacting The Compliance & Privacy Manager

To ensure we resolve your complaint both objectively and in a timely manner we need you to provide as many details as possible. It would help if you are able at minimum  provide the following:
  • Your full name and contact details, including postal address.
  • AMBA Reference Number or account details (where applicable).
  • Name(s) of any AMBA staff involved in the matter.
  • Relevant dates and times.
  • Clear and concise details as to the nature of your, complaint.
Please address to:
The Compliance & Privacy Manager:
AMBA Commercial Collections Pty Ltd
Suite 164, Level 6, 10 Park Road
Hurstville NSW 2220
Telephone: 02 9570 2955
Facsimile:   02 9570 2944

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